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Customs registration, customs broker, customs processing of goods, customs clearance of cargoes

Customs registration, customs broker, customs processing of goods, customs clearance of cargo in CIS and CU countries

Here you can find everything about the customs clearance of goods and cargo, customs duties and customs registration process.

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On this website: customs clearance, the procedure of customs registration of cargoes, the procedure of customs registration of goods, who is customs broker or customs clearance specialist.

Customs broker. Customs registration specialist. Customs processing of goods, customs clearance of cargo

On this website: customs clearance, the procedure of customs registration of cargoes, the procedure of customs registration of goods, who is customs broker or customs clearance specialist.

Customs registration, customs broker, customs processing of goods, customs clearance of cargoes

Customs registration (customs clearance, customs declaration of goods or cargoes) is a specific list of mandatory procedures for the movement of goods, cargoes or vehicles across customs borders. On our website you can appreciate the section Customs clearance of cargoes, Customs clearance of goods and find the information you need on customs clearance and customs brokers. A customs broker is a specialist on customs clearance of goods, cargoes and vehicles moved across the border.

Here you can find everything about the customs clearance of goods and cargoes

“Customs clearance of goods and cargoes. Customs broker.” website contents

  • Customs registration, customs clearance
  • Customs clearance specialist
  • Customs broker
  • Customs clearance of commodities
  • Customs clearance of cargoes

Customs clearance includes a list of required procedures established by the State Customs authority, which are necessary to conduct when moving freight, goods, auto, moto, appliances through customs borders of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Customs registering (customs clearance) of goods or cargo includes preparation and transfer of customs documentation (shipping and permitting documents, customs declaration, trade licenses, permits), as well as the payment of customs duties and other charges.

Customs registration is performed by an owner (sender) of the goods or cargoes. If there are no specialists on customs registering of goods at the sender’s, the owner (sender) of a cargo may use the services of customs representatives – customs brokers.

Customs broker. Customs registration specialist.

A customs broker is a company or a business entity with a customs broker license, giving the right to carry out customs activities: preparing customs documents on behalf of the sender, conducting customs declaration of the goods or products. A specialist in customs registration (or customs broker) works with the sender (owner) of goods or cargo on the basis of the signed agreement and on conditions established by them.

The cost of services of a customs broker is also spelled out in the contract between the owner-sender of cargo and a customs broker, and may depend on the type and kind of shipment, the volume of work performed, the frequency of services (permanent or one-time service of a customs specialist).

Customs Brokerage Services include the following steps:

  • Customs broker negotiates the route of transportation of goods, cargo or vehicles and determines the customs procedure with the client (sender – owner of the cargo).
  • Customs broker (customs agent) enters into a contract with a client (the owner of the cargo) for a specified list of brokerage services: the formulation of permissive customs documentation (licenses on the goods, certificates, etc.), customs processing of goods or cargo at all stages of movement of the goods or cargo.
  • Then the customs agent receives the required documents from the client (the consignor) and checks them for compliance with the customs law of the Customs Union of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan or other country, depending on the destination of cargo, goods or vehicles.
  • After receiving the documents, the customs specialist prepares filing of documents to the customs, chooses the optimal customs scheme, calculates customs duties for the client (sender) of the cargo or goods.
  • The customs broker submits documents to the customs and conducts the declaration of goods.
  • In the next step, the customs broker supervises the customs duties and passing of the client’s goods, cargo or vehicles through the customs.
  • At the final stage, the customs broker sends the customs delivery reports and documents confirming the importation of goods to the client.

Customs Registering of Cargo

Customs registering of cargo (customs declaration of goods) is a system of specific customs procedures required to perform when moving goods across the customs border. In the process of customs clearance of goods, the type of cargo, its classification, its belonging to a particular class are determined, whereby customs experts (customs officers) make a decision on its passage across the border.

Customs registration of cargo includes the following stages of work:

· 1. After the arrival of the goods into the zone of control the customs declaration of cargo is carried out. Precise information on cargo and its characteristics (classification of the goods in accordance with the HS System, certificates of conformity of goods, etc.) are indicated.

· 2. Further, the sender or the customs broker prepares the necessary documents for customs registration of cargo.

- Documents on registration of the legal entity of the sender (the cargo owner),

- Certificate of the shipper registration with the tax authorities,

- A photocopy of the passport of the head of the consignor company,

- Letter of attorney issued to the representative specialist for customs clearance (the broker),

- Shipping waybills,

- Licenses and certificates for cargo,

- Invoices, contracts on insurance of cargo.

· 3. Payment for the customs duties and charges required for customs clearance of cargo by the sender. The client is given customs documentation for cargo transfer and permission to import this cargo. Then, the cargo will be delivered to the customs for release and and subsequent delivery to its destination.

Customs processing of goods

Customs processing of goods (customs declaration of goods, customs registration of goods) is a list of the mandatory procedures for the transportation of goods across borders of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries, established by the customs. For Russia, the customs registration of goods is governed by the following documents: the Federal Law "On Customs Regulation in the Russian Federation", the Customs Code of the Customs Union (CU CC).

The process of customs registration of goods is similar to the procedure of customs registration (declaration) of goods described in the section Customs Registering of Cargo. The distinction is a list of documents required for customs registration of goods.

For customs registration of goods (for export), such documents are:

  • Contract with a seller company.
  • Invoicing goods (in multiple copies), indicating the requisites of the seller, the buyer, the order number, the price of each commodity.
  • Documents confirming the value of goods specified in the customs declaration.
  • Shipping waybill for goods (in multiple copies).
  • Documents for characteristics of the goods (licenses, certificates of conformity, etc.)
  • Information about packaging, weight and number of items in the party for each commodity.

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