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Kazakhstan Customs official website. Customs duties in Kazakhstan, customs clearance. Phone numbers, addresses of the Customs of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Customs official website. Customs duties in Kazakhstan, customs clearance. Phone numbers, addresses of the Customs of Kazakhstan

On this site you will learn everything about the Kazakhstan Customs: Kazakhstan Customs official website, the address of the customs and the phone number of the customs you need, the amount of customs duties in Kazakhstan, customs clearance in Kazakhstan, customs brokers, etc.

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Here you can find all the information about the customs of Kazakhstan Customs – official website, contact telephone numbers, addresses

Official website, contact telephone numbers, addresses of the Kazakhstan Custom Houses, customs duties and customs clearance in Kazakhstan

On this site you will learn everything about the Kazakhstan Customs: Kazakhstan Customs official website, the address of the customs and the phone number of the customs you need, the amount of customs duties in Kazakhstan, customs clearance in Kazakhstan, customs brokers, etc.

Kazakhstan Customs official website. Customs duties in Kazakhstan, customs clearance. Phone numbers, addresses of the Customs of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Customs is an official state authority for control of goods, cargoes and vehicles moving across the border of Kazakhstan. The Customs of Ukraine determines customs procedures of passing of goods and cargoes across the border of Ukraine and performs collection of customs duties (customs payments) in case of exceeding the customs limit. Our section Customs of Kazakhstan provides you with detailed information about the work order of the Kazakhstan Customs, the amount of customs duties and charges for Kazakhstan, addresses and phone numbers of Kazakhstan.

Here you can find all the information about the customs of Kazakhstan

Customs of Kazakhstan – official website, contact telephone numbers, addresses

  • Customs of Kazakhstan (Customs Service)
  • Website of the Customs of Kazakhstan
  • The Customs phone number, addresses of the Customs
  • Kazakhstan customs duties
  • Customs clearance

Customs of Kazakhstan is represented by regional customs departments, regional customs services of Kazakhstan, Customs Points and other offices.

Customs of Kazakhstan determines the procedure of customs registration, establishes the classification of goods, auto and motor technique and other products crossing the border of Kazakhstan, and also performs customs control. Kazakhstan Customs maintains a registry of all persons involved in the customs proceedings and issues licenses for certain activities in the customs sphere (customs brokers, objects of intellectual property in Ukraine, etc.).

Customs of Kazakhstan – official website, contact phone numbers, addresses

Official site of the Kazakhstan Customs

Official site of the Kazakhstan Customs (old version of the Kazakhstan Customs website) –

Committee of Customs Control of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan 10 Beibitshilik St. Astana, Kazakhstan, Tel. 7 (7172) 79-46-09, 79-45-99

Official websites of customs representatives are often inconvenient to use and packed with news and regulatory documents, which are difficult to find and understand for a common user who is not a customs specialist. For your convenience, we’ve collected useful information for each country under separate headings, Customs of Russia, Customs of Ukraine, Belarus Customs, Kazakhstan Customs, etc. You can choose the section for the customs you’re interested in and easily find the necessary information about the customs.

Customs clearance in Kazakhstan

Customs clearance is regulations for works required when moving goods, cargoes or vehicles to or from Kazakhstan. Customs clearance comprises processing of goods or cargo at customs and payment of customs duties.

The cost of customs clearance in Kazakhstan depends on which group your goods, cargo or vehicle belongs to. This cost can also include the cost of services of a customs broker in Kazakhstan, if you’ve used a broker for customs clearance procedures.

Registration of documents required for customs clearance in Kazakhstan is performed by the cargo owner or by a hired customs broker on behalf of the owner. Customs broker or the cargo owner prepares a full list of required documents: a completed customs declaration, certificates, transport and shipping documents, a license for the goods, a certificate of conformity, etc.

Further details about the amount of Ukraine customs duties and order of payment are given below.

Customs duties in Kazakhstan

The amount of customs duties in Kazakhstan:

When importing into the customs territory of Kazakhstan the following customs charges are paid:

Exempt from customs duties in Kazakhstan are:

Goods imported to Kazakhstan obtained for personal use within 1 calendar month, the declared value of which is less than 1000 euros equivalent, and total weight is less than 31 kg. The maximum allowable size of parcels is 100 cm X 60 cm X 60 cm.

Subject to customs duties of Kazakhstan are:

Goods imported into Kazakhstan, worth more than 1,000 euros, or weighing more than 31 kg., are subject to customs duties equal to 30% of the amount exceeding the limit set by the customs, this amount can not be less than 4 euros per kg. weight.

These rules apply to private individuals. For legal entities, the limit of 200 euros is established.

For details on customs duties of Kazakhstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, see the section for the customs duties of the CIS and the Customs Union – Customs Duties.

Kazakhstan Customs – customs phone numbers

Kazakhstan Central Customs House, Astana, Beybitshilik Street, 10 tel. 7 (7172) 79-46-09, 79-45-99.

Department of Customs Control of the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan. 8 (7272) 79-35-40

Department of Customs Control of Akmola region, Kazakhstan. 8 (7162) 25-62-84

Department of Customs Control of Almaty region, Kazakhstan. 8 (7272) 51-71-06

“Khorgas” Customs House, Kazakhstan. 8 (72831) 33-2-43

Department of Customs Control of the Aktobe region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 8 (7132) 21-08-89

Customs Control Committee of MF RK (the Republic of Kazakhstan) 8 (7172) 70-99-20

Department of Customs Control of Kazakhstan in Astana 8 (7172) 22-73-30

Department of Customs Control in Atyrau region 8 (7122) 35-42-09 8 (7122) 35-42-10

Department of Customs Control in EKR, RK. 8 (7232) 24-06-05

Department of Customs Control in Zhambyl region 8 (7262) 34-75-38

“Korday” Custom House, Kazakhstan. 8 (72636) 4-71-91

Department of Customs Control in WKR, Kazakhstan. 8 (7112) 53-84-27

Department of Customs Control in Karaganda region, RK. 8 (7212) 56-27-84

Department of Customs Control in Kostanay region, RK. 8 (7142) 53-65-80

Department of Customs Control in Kyzylorda region, RK. 8 (7242) 21-52-09

Department of Customs Control in Mangistau region, RK. 8 (7292) 40-36-59

Department of Customs Control in Pavlodar region, RK. 8 (7182) 61-32-81

Department of Customs Control in SKR 8 (7252) 56-02-34

Department of Customs Control in NKR 8 (7152) 46-33-29

“Dostyk” Custom House, Kazakhstan. 8 (72833) 3-20-52

* The information is taken from the official site of Customs of Kazakhstan, as of 2014-2015 yy.

Kazakhstan Customs – addresses of the customs

Kazakhstan Central Custom House Astana, Beybitshilik Street, 10, tel. 7 (7172) 79-46-09, 79-45-99 Kazakhstan customs official website

Customs in Astana, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Astana – Center of customs registration", Astana, Pushkin Street 168/3 (8-717-2) 39-51-45 2 Customs Point "Auezhay – Astana", the building of the international airport (8-717-2 ) 77-73-34.

Customs in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Zhetysu", Almaty, Maylin Street 2 (8-7272) 540-555 Customs Point "Temirzhol CPC (Customs Processing Center)", Almaty, Suyunbay Avenue 353 (8-7272) 36-79-03 Customs Point "CPC of Almaty", Almaty, Tashkent Street, "Merey" Mall (8-7272) 965045, 360620 Excise Customs Point of Almaty, Maylin Street 79 (8-7272) 51-34-53 Customs of Almaty, Zhibek Zholy Street 127 (8272) 796442

Customs in Pavlodar Region, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Pavlodar – CPC " Pavlodar, Tolstoy Street, 98 (8-7182) 52-90-68 Customs Point "Energeticheskiy", Pavlodar, Tolstoy Street, 98 (8-7182) 54-98 -27 Customs Point "Naiza" Pavlodar Region Uspensky District (8-7182) 9-49-32 Customs Point "Amangeldy" Irtysh District of Pavlodar Region (8-71832) 2-96-11 Customs Point "Yertys" Irtysh District of Pavlodar Region (8-71832) 2-94-92 Customs Point "Sunkar", Pavlodar, Tolstoy Street, 98 Airport (8-7182) 52-90-78, 05.05.57 Customs Point "Ekibastuz", Ekibastuz, Kunaev Street 15 (8-71835) 4-00-53 Customs Point "Aksu", Aksu, Stroiteley Street 14a (8-71837) 05.05.19 Customs Point "Sharbakty", Pavlodar Region, Sharbakty District 50-80-31 satellite. Customs Point "Kosak", Pavlodar Region, Uspen District 50-80-91 satellite Customs Point "Sulu-Agash", Pavlodar Region, Kachiry District, Sulu-Agash (8-71833) 9-14-70 Customs Point "Urlyu-Tobe", Pavlodar Region Zhelezin District 50-80-51 satellite

Customs in Jambyl Region, Kazakhstan. DCC in Jambyl Region, Taraz, Tole bi Street 81 (8-7262) 436558 Customs Point "Shu" Shu District, the village of Tole bi, Baluan Sholak Street 180a (8-72638) 03.12.50 Customs Point "Sypatay Batyr" village of Novovoskresenovka Merki District Aben-Shotay uly Street 1, on customs border with Taraz-Bishkek road of Kyrgyz Republic (8-72632) 2-53-46, fax: 2-53-69 Customs Point "Merki" Merki District Merki village Merki railway station Ismailov Street 390 Customs Point "Kulan" Turar Ryskulov District, Lugovaya Street, in the building of railway station (8-72631) 2-42-54 Customs Point "Auezhay – Taraz", Taraz, Aulie-Ata airport (8-7262) 31-61-27 Customs Point "Jambyl Station" Taraz Bayzak Batyr Street 127 Vesopoverka Jambyl Station (8-7262) 46-11-50 Customs Point "Taraz – CPC" Taraz Nietkaliev Street 95 (8-7262) 34-75-37 Customs Point "Aisha Bibi", Jambyl District Grodekovo village, 200 meters away from the border of the Taraz-Talas of Kyrgyz Republic no telephones Customs Point "Energeticheskiy", Taraz Nietkalieva Street 95 (8-7262 34-61-07)

Customs in Atyrau Region, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "
Energeticheskiy", Atyrau, Abay Street 8 (8-7122) 35-42-09 (ext. 115) Customs Point "Auezhay Atyrau», Atyrau, International Airport area (8-7122) 97-05- 05 Customs Point "Akzhayik CPC" Atyrau Satybaldin Street 47 (8-7122) 35-41-05 Customs Point "Kurmangazy", Atyrau, Kurmangazy District, Katyaevka village (8-731233) 6-15-16 Customs Point "Akkol", Atyrau, Kurmangazy District Akkol (Art. Ganyushkino) (8-71233) 07/10/79

Customs in Akmola Region, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Kokshetau-CPC" 50 years of the Komsomol Street 21 (8-716-2) 25-34-89 Customs Point "Akkol" Akkol, Nurmagambetov Street 94a (8-716-38) 2-13-34 Customs Point "Aksu" Stepnogorsk microDistrict 4-36 (8-716-45) 09.10.40 Customs Point "Burabay" Shchuchinsk, Internatsionalnaya Street 54 (8-716-36) 4-39-36 Customs Point "Atbasar" Atbasar (871 643) 24295 Customs Point "Arshaly", Arshaly village, Komsomolskaya Street, 29 (871644) 22166

Customs in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Taldykorgan", Almaty Region, Taldykorgan, Eastern Industrial Area (8-72822) 6-29-33, 6-19-07 Customs Point "Alatau – CPC", Almaty Region, Ile District, Otegen Batyr village, Lenina Street 17 (8-7272) 59-80-64 Customs Point "Almaty", Almaty Region Ile District, Pervomaysk village, Industrial District (8-7272) 99-37-80 Customs Point "Almaty-Avto", Almaty Region, Ile District, Pervomaika village, Kapchagai Highway Street 28 (8-7272) 51-19-61 Customs Point "Kegen", Almaty Region, Enbekshikazakh District, Karkara village (8-72777) 2-16-32 IKP "Barys-3" Customs Point "Alatau-CPC", Almaty Region, Karasai area 23 km.avto-route "Almaty-Bishkek" (8-7272) 98- 55-32

Customs in WKR, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Zhaiyk" Uralsk, Vokzalnaya Street, 1 (8-7112) 97-13-79 Customs Point "Aksay" Burlin District, Aksai, microDistrict 2, 5 (8-733) 03.10.03 Customs Point "Janybek" Zhanybek District, Janybek village (8-735) 02.12.93 Customs Point "Taskala", "Taskala" crossing point (8-739) 2-41-01 Customs Point "Kaztal" Kaztal District, Kaztal village (8-744) 2-17-76 Customs Point "Orda", Bokey Orda District, Sayhin village (8-740) 2-14-54 Customs Point "Chingirlau" Chingirlau District Chingirlau village Kirova Street, 49 (8-237) 3-31-63 Customs Point "Oral – CPC", Uralsk, Poymennaya Street, 2/2 (8-7112) 53-84-38 Customs Point "Syrym", "Syrym" crossing point (8-249) 2-13-34 Customs Point "Ak Zhol", Uralsk, airport (8 -7112) 98-60-47 Helpline, Uralsk, Poymennaya, 2/2 (8-7112) 53-84-27

Customs in Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Auezhay Karaganda" "Sary-Arka" International Airport (8-7212) 74-37-23 Customs Point "Karaganda – CPC" Karaganda Hmelnitskogo Street 14 (8-7212) 56-44-79 Customs Point "Karaganda – Avto", Karaganda Ermekova Street, 108 (8-7212) 44-17-25 Customs Point "Temirtau", Temirtau Respublika Avenue, 1-a (8-239) 6-23 -62 Customs Point "Zhairem-Atasu," Karaganda Region, Zhairem village Mamaev Street, 10 (8-710-40) 3-00-13 "Energeticheskiy" Customs Point, Karaganda Alikhanov Street, 14a (7212) 49-20-62

Customs in EKR, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Oskemen – CPC" Ust-Kamenogorsk, Novatory Street, 7/2 (8-7232) 24-55-80 Customs Point "Auezhay-Oskemen", Ust-Kamenogorsk, Bazhov Street, 566 (8-7232) 26-19-87 Customs Point "Uba", Shemonaikha Zhukov Street, 2 (8-232) 3-21-39

Customs in Mangystau Region, Kazakhstan. Customs Point "Energeticheskiy", Mangystau Region, Aktau (8-72-92) 57-91-00 Customs Point "Aktau – CPC" Mangystau Region, Aktau (8-72-92) 50-35-79 Customs Point "Seaport – Aktau», Mangistau Region, Aktau (8-72-92) 57-21-12 Customs Point "Aktau Airport», Mangistau Region, Aktau airport (8-72-92) 42-11- 88 Customs Point "Mangystau", Mangystau Region, Mangistau village (8-72-92) 46-55-54 Customs Point "Beyneu", Mangistau Region, Beyneu village (8-232) 2-13-80 Customs Point "Zhanaozen" Mangystau Region, Zhanaozen (8-234) 3-15-04 Customs Point" Kara Shekpen" Mangystau Region, Bautino village (8-238) 2-48-38

Customs in NKR, Kazakhstan. Customs Point «Petropavlovsk CPC», NKR, Petropavlovsk, Mira Street, 120 (7152) 46-09-67 Customs Point “Petropavlovsk station” NKR, Petropavlovsk, Privokzalnaya Street, 1 (8-7152) 38-00-53 Customs Point “Kyzylzhar”, NKR, Kyzylzhar district (8-71538) 3-76-84 Customs Point “Karakoga”, NKR, Magzhan Zhumabaev district (8-71531) 2-49-35 Customs Point “Zhanazhol”, NKR, Mamlyut district (71541) 2-15-49 Customs Point “Petropavlovsk-Auto”, NKR, Petropavlovsk, Parkovaya Street, 57 (87152)46-89-93 Customs Point “Bidaik”, NKR Ualihanovsky district (8242) 26175 DCC on SKR “Atameken” checkpoint, Customs Point “Makhtaraal”, Makhtaraal district, Zhambyl rural district (8-72534) 3-22-12 Customs Point “Kaplanbek”, Saryagash, Yskakov
a Street (8-72537) 5-87-59 “Kesken checkpoint, Customs Point “Kaplanbek, Saryagash district, Kurkeles village (8-72537) 2-36-43 “Mayak” checkpoint, Customs Point "Makhtaaral" Makhtaaral district, Irzhar rural district, Customs Point “B. Konysbaeva”, Saryagash district, Ukibay-ata, satellite 51-31-61,51-31-62 Customs Point “Shymkent station, Shymkent, Sairam highway, n/n (8-7252) 52-90-22 Customs Point “Turkestan”, Turkestan, Keden Street, 2 (8-72533) 4-24-55, satellite 51-31-41,51-31-42 Customs Point “Tole Bi”, Saryagash district, Kokterek settlement (8 72537) 5-55-73 Customs Point "Makhtaaral", Makhtaraal district, Zhetysay, Yassavi Street, n/n (8-72534) 67-1-47 Customs Point “Sairam”, Sairam district, Aksukent village, Karabulak highway, n/n (8-72531) 3-65-29 Customs Point “Zhibek Zholy”, Zhibek Zholy village, Saryagash district (8-72537) 5-92-75 Customs Point “Ordabasy”, Shymkent, Tashtrakt, n/n (8-7252) 50-58-58 Customs Point “Energeticheskiy”, Shymketn, Kapal Batyr Street, n/n (8-7252) 94-00-36 Customs Point “Auezhay-Shymkent”, Shymkent, airport (8-7252) 94-56-52 Customs Point “Shymkent CPC”, Shymkent, Teatralnaya Street 33 (8-7252) 56-08-40 (internal 227, 220) 56-26-64 Customs Point "Shardara", Shardara, route Arys-Zhetysai (8-72535) 2-21-80 Customs Point “Abay”, Saryagash district, Abay village, Artykova Street, n/n (8-72532) 3-05-67 Customs Point “Kazygurt”, Saryagash district, Zhemisti village, satellite 51-32-01 Customs Point “Saryagash railway station”, Saryagash district, Saryagash station, “Karabai” checkpoint, Customs Point Abay, Saryagash district, Ushkyn village (872532)3-05-67 "Syrdarya" checkpoint Customs Point «Makhtaaral», Makhtaaral district Irzhar rural district, route M-39 “Birlik” checkpoint КПП Customs Point “Makhtaaral”, Makhtaaral district “Zhana auyl” rural district “Tselinniy” checkpoint Customs Point “Makhtaaral”, Makhtaaral district, route M-39, “Zhana zhol” rural district, “Makhtaaral railway station” checkpoint Customs Point «Makhtaaral», Makhtaaral district, Zhetysai “Makhtaaral” railway station

Customs in Aktobe region of Kazakhstan. "Auezhay – Aktobe" Customs Point, Aktobe International Airport (8-7132) 21-87-52 “Temirzhol” Customs Point, railway checkpoint "Zhaisan" (8-231) 28-7-60 “Kargaly” Customs Point (8-249) 5-20-20 “Energeticheskiy” Customs Point, Aktobe, 41st crossing (8-7132) 96-42-11 “Temirzhol” Customs Point, Zhaisan, Zhaisan station (8-231) 28-7-60 Customs Point «Aktobe CPC», Aktobe, 41st crossing (8-7132) 96-42-08 Customs Point «Khromtau», Khromtau district, Khromtau, A. Moldagulovoi Street, 7 (8-236)21-4-41 Customs Point «Alimbet», Kargaly district, route Orsk-Aktobe (8-249) 5-20-20 Customs Point “Zhaisan”, Martuk district, route Aktobe-Orenburg (8-249)7-20-20 Customs Point "Mugalzhar" Mugalzhar district, Kandyagash, Industrial Area, 6 km (8-233)-35-3-72 Customs Point «Embi», Mugalzhar district, Embi, Amirova Street, 16 (8-234)-22-7-83 Customs Point “Shubarkuduk “, Temir district, Shubarkuduk town (8-246) 22-5-53 Customs Point "Zhirenkopa" Kobda district, road Hobday Sol-Iletsk (8-240) 31-3-33 Customs Point «Aytike bi" Ayteke Bi district, Ushkatty town (8-247) 25-1-14

Customs in Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan. “Kyzylorda CPC” Customs Point, Kyzylorda, Esenova Street 16 8 (7242) 26-54-65 (029) “Kyzylorda station” Customs Point, Zhanadilova Street, n/n 8 (7242) 9-36-46

Customs of Kostanay region, Kazakhstan. "Kayrak" Kostanay region, Karabalyk District, M36 motorway Almaty-Yekaterinburg (8-714-47) 2-10-83 "Ubagan" Kostanay region, Uzunkol district, 185 km. road Kostanay-Kurgan (8-714-46) 300-10 "Akbalshyk" Kostanay region, Uzunkol district Beloglinka village Petropavlovsk rural district, route Uzunkol village RK – Kurgan RF on the 75 km. (8-244-97) 1-25 “Zhitikara” Kostanay region, Zhitikara, Tarana Street 18-A (8-235-2) 27-18 "Auezhay-Kostanay", Kostanay region, Kostanay, airport building (8-714-2) 28-10-90 “Tobyl”, Kostanay region, Taran district, Tobol town, signaling, centralization and blocking distance-28, 3rd floor (8-236-2) 11-69 “Lisakov”, Kostanay region, Lisakovsk, Verkhne-Tobolskaya Street, 42 (8-714-33) 3-40-46 "Kostanay SCO", Kostanay region, Kostanay, Gogolya Street, 183 room103,105 (8-714-2) 53-71-84 "Karatomar", Kostanay region, Rudny, Stroitelnaya Street, 9 (8-231-4) 21-69, 21-58 checkpoint “Raiway Kairak”, Kostanay region, Karabalyk district, Kairak railway station (8-714-2) 90-21-21(211)

“Astana – Zhala Kala” Custom House, Kazakhstan. “Astana – Zhala Kala” customs, Astana, Kananbay Batyr Street, 33. (8-717-2) 24-10-17

“Ulytau” Custom House, Kazakhstan. “Ulytau” customs. Zhezkazgan, Abaya Street, Liebknecht lane 1A (8-7102) 72-39-40, 72-30-36 ““Balkhash” Customs Point, Balkhash, Mira Street, 12 (8-236) 4-14-92 Customs Point “Akmamyk”, Priozersk, Agybay Batyr Street 18 (8-239) 5-42-55

“Korgas” Custom House, Kazakhstan. “Korgas” customs, Almaty region, Panfilovsky district Korgas town, 2nd floor of a duty-free shop (8-72831) 33-2-44 (internal phone 119)

“Korday” Custom House, Kazakhstan. Department of customs revenues, Jambul region, Korday district, Korday village, Zhibek Zholy Street, 1 (8-72636)-2-17-36 Customs Point "Karasu" Korday district, Karasu village (8-72636)-4-21-74

“Maikapchagai” Custom House, Kazakhstan “Maikapchagai” customs, Zaisan, Zhangeldin Street 100 (8-723-40) 21-558, 25-411

“Bakhty” Custom House, Kazakhstan “Bakhty” customs, EKR, Urjar district, Bakhty village (872239)2-11-27

“Baykonyr” Custom House, Kazakhstan. Department of customs registration, Baykonyr, Maksimova Street 8 (8-73622) 4-09-21 Department of organization of customs control, Baykonyr, Maksimova Street 8 (8-73622) 43002 (113) Customs Point “Krainiy – Yubileyniy”, Baykonyr, Maksimova Street 8 (8-73622) 43002 (111), 41045.

DostykKazakhstan Customs. Room of customs registration at Dostyk village railway station, (8-728-30) 12068, “Kalzhat” custom house, аможня «Калжат», Almaty region, Uygur district, (8-727 40) 1-00-10.

“Semey” Kazakhstan Customs.
SemeyCustoms. EKR, Semipalatinsk Internacyjanalnaja Street, 38. Telephone: (8-7222) 56-69-09, internal telephones (126, 125). Auyl Customs Point, EKR, Borodulikhinskiy district, Krasniy Auyl village. (8-72330) 5-11-40. Zheleznodorozhniy Customs Point, EKR, Borodulikhinskiy district, Aul station. (8-72351) 3-01-18. “Zhezkent” Customs Point, EKR, Borodulikhinskiy district, Baitanat village, (8-7222) 57-31-60. “Koyanbay” Customs Point, EKR, Beskaragaiskiy district, Koyanbay village, (8-236) 9-16-23.

* The information is taken from the official website of Kazakhstan Customs as of 2014-2015.

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