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Ukraine Customs official website. Customs duties in Ukraine, customs clearance. Phone numbers, addresses of Ukrainian Customs

Ukraine Customs official website. Customs duties in Ukraine, customs clearance. Phone numbers, addresses of Ukrainian Customs

This website provides all the necessary information about the Ukraine Customs: the Customs of Ukraine official website, the address of the customs and the customs phone number, the amount of customs duties in Ukraine, customs clearance in Ukraine, customs brokers, etc.

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Here you can find all the information about Ukraine Customs - official website, contact phone numbers, addresses

All the information you need about the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine - customs duties, customs clearance and contact information

This website provides all the necessary information about the Ukraine Customs: the Customs of Ukraine official website, the address of the customs and the customs phone number, the amount of customs duties in Ukraine, customs clearance in Ukraine, customs brokers, etc.

Ukraine Customs official website. Customs duties in Ukraine, customs clearance. Phone numbers, addresses of Ukrainian Customs

Ukraine Customs is an official authority for control of goods, cargoes and vehicles moving across the border of Ukraine. The Customs of Ukraine determines customs procedures of passing of goods and cargoes across the border of Ukraine and carries out the collection of customs duties (customs payments) in case of exceeding the customs limit. Our section Ukraine Customs provides you with detailed information about the work order of Customs in Ukraine, the amount of customs duties and charges for Ukraine, addresses and contact phone numbers of Ukrainian Customs in Kyiv or any other city or region of country.

Here you can find all the information about Ukraine Customs

Customs of Ukraine – official website, contact phone numbers, addresses.

  • Customs of Ukraine (Customs Service).
  • Ukraine Customs website.
  • Customs phone number, customs address. Customs official website.
  • Ukraine customs duties.
  • Customs clearance.

Customs of Ukraine is represented by regional customs departments, regional customs services of Ukraine, customs posts and other offices.

Customs of Ukraine (at this time, State Fiscal Service of Ukraine) determines the procedure of customs registration, establishes the classification of goods (commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity) and vehicles crossing the border of Ukraine, and performs customs control and law enforcement activities within the customs sphere. Ukraine Customs maintains a registry of all persons involved in the customs proceedings (they are customs brokers, objects of intellectual property in Ukraine, etc.).

Ukraine Customs – official website, contact phone numbers, addresses

Official website of Ukraine Customs (State Fiscal Service of Ukraine) –

Official website of the Customs of Ukraine (the old version of the Ukraine Customs website) –

Ukraine Customs website for individuals Section of the official website of Customs of Ukraine for individuals (website in Ukrainian) –

Ukraine Customs website for legal entities Section of the official website of Customs of Ukraine for legal entities (website in Ukrainian)

Law of Ukraine on

Official websites of customs representatives are often inconvenient to use. These websites are packed with news and regulatory documents. Users, if they aren’t customs specialists, often don’t need such information. For your convenience and time saving, we’ve gathered useful information for each Customs of CIS and Custom Union Countries under separate headings, Customs of Russia, Ukraine Customs, Belarus Customs, Kazakhstan Customs etc. You can choose the section for the customs you’re interested in and easily find the necessary information about the customs.

Customs Clearance in Ukraine

Customs clearance is regulations for works required when moving goods, cargoes or vehicles across the border of Belarus. Customs clearance of goods, cargoes or vehicles implies a procedure for the following actions: customs registration of cargo, payment of customs duties if any in excess of customs limits (restrictions set for duty-free import export to/from Ukraine).

Registration of documents required for customs clearance in Ukraine is performed by the cargo owner or by a hired customs broker on behalf of the owner (if there are no specialists capable of performing the function of a customs broker at the cargo owner’s company). Customs broker or the cargo owner prepares a list of documents required for their categories of goods or cargo. Such documents are: a completed customs declaration, certificates, transport and shipping documents, a license for the goods (if necessary, for certain categories of goods import/export to Ukraine), a certificate of conformity (if necessary, for certain categories of goods), etc.

The cost of customs clearance in Ukraine depends on which group your goods, cargo or vehicle belongs to. This cost can also include the cost of services of a customs broker in Ukraine, if you’ve used a broker for customs clearance procedures.

Further details about the amount of Ukraine customs duties and order of payment are given below.

Customs Duties in Ukraine

The amount of customs duties in Ukraine:

The Customs of Ukraine has established duty free importation of goods, the total customs value of which does not exceed EUR 300 (equivalent), and the total weight of the parcel is up to 50 kg . Ukrainian customs duties are established in the amount of 20% of the established customs value of goods exceeding the limit for packages weighing more than 50 kg, and the declared customs value of more than EUR 300. For goods valued at more than 1,000 euros in the equivalent, customs duty rate is set as for the subjects of foreign economic activity.

The following customs charges are paid when goods are imported into the customs territory of Ukraine by business entities in the customs regime of import: import duties at the rates set by the Law of Ukraine "On Customs Tariff of Ukraine" dated April 5, 2001 № 2371-III as amended and supplemented. In cases when the goods under the customs regime of import duties are subject to seasonal or special kinds of duties: Value-added tax at the rate pursuant to Section V of the Tax Code of Ukraine; The excise tax at the rates set by p. 215.3. c. 215 of TCU, if the goods shall be excised.

Section of the official website of Ukrainian fiscal service for customs payments in Ukraine (customs duties Ukraine) –

Customs registering for foreign economic entities –

Customs registering for citizens leaving Ukraine –

Customs registering for people entering Ukraine –

For more information about customs duties in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, see the section for the customs duties of the CIS and the CU – Customs duties

Ukraine Customs – Customs Contacts

State Customs of Ukraine. Address: 11-G Degtyarivska Str., Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine. Tel: (44) 247-26-06, 247-27-06. Fax: (44) 247-28-51, 489-02-12. E-mail: Hotline: (44) 247-27-19

State Fiscal Service of Ukraine. Address: 8 Lvivska Square, Kyiv, 04655, Ukraine. Schedule: 09:00 to 13:00, Friday short day. E-mail: Telephones: Office: 044-272-51-59 044-272-63-34 044-272-08-41 Fax: (044) 272-08-41. Information and Reference Department: 0-800-501-007 (044) 454-16-13 from 8.00 to 20.00. E-mail: Hotline Service "Pulse". (044) 284-00-07..

* The information is taken from the official website of Customs of Ukraine as of 2014-2015.

Ukraine Customs – Customs Addresses

State Customs of Ukraine. 11-G Degtyarivska Str., Kyiv, 04119. Operational duty – Tel.: 247-26-06, Tel./Fax: 489-02-12

Kiev Interregional Customs of the Ministry of Income and Fees in Ukraine. Mailing address: 8-A I.Lepse blvd., Kyiv, 03680. Duty Tel./Fax: (044) 457-96-77 (044) 457-27-66 E-mail:

Regional Customs of Ukraine – Addresses of Customs

Crimean Customs of Ukraine. Autonomous Republic of Crimea Customs.

Address of the Customs: 22 Malchenko Str., Simferopol, Crimea, 95491. Tel.: (0652) 59-58-84. Website:

Customs posts of the Crimean Customs: “Simferopol airport” – Simferopol, “Central” airport, Tel. 0652-59-50-41. "Simferopol Central" – 17-A, Malchenko Str., Aeroflotskiy town, Simferopol.Tel. 0652-59-50-41. “Yevpatoriya” – 1, Moryakov Square, Yevpatoriya. Tel. 06569-3-0095. “Yalta”- 7, Ruzvelta Str., Yalta / 2, Drazhinsky Highway, Otradnoye town. Tel. 0654-35-06-29. “Feodosia”- 14, Gor’kogo Str., Feodosia. Tel. 06562-3-00-41. "Kerch" – 9, Furmanova Str., 49, Sverdlova Str., Kerch. Tel.: 06561-5-30-93. “Krasnoperekopsk” – 8, Privokzal’naya Str., Krasnoperekopsk. Tel. 06565-2-10-07.

Sevastopol Customs of Ukraine. Customs in Sevastopol.

Address of the Customs: 5-A, Nakhimova Str., Sevastopol, 99011, Republic of Crimea. Tel.: (0692) 54-35-66, Fax 54-30-48.

Customs posts: “Inkerman” – 13, Heroes of Sevastopol Str. / 2G Primorskaya Str., Sevastopol. Tel.: 0692-926412. “Sevastopol Marine” – 7a Komyshova Bay western bank, 1Komyshova Bay western bank, Sevastopol. Tel .0692-92-02-81. “Rybport”- 24 Pravdy Str., 5 Rybakov Str., Sevastopol. Tel .0692-41-21-12.

Vinnytsia Customs of Ukraine. Vinnytsia region customs.

Customs address: 7 Lebedynskogo Str., Vinnythia, 21034. Tel.: (0432) 61-82-95.

Customs posts "Haisyn," "Nemyriv", "Zhmerynka", "Mogilev-Podolsky Railway", "Mogilev-Podolsky automobile", "Yampil", "Pischanka".

Yagodinska Customs of Ukraine. Volyn region customs.

Customs address: 13 Pryzalyznychna Str., Rymachy village, Rymachi village in the Lubomylsky district, Volyn region; Yagodyn station Lubomylsky district Volyn region, 44350. Tel.: (03377) 2-44-20, Fax 3-15-22.

Customs points, "Vladimir-Volyn," "Domanovo", "Dolsk", "Zabolottya", "Izov," "Pysha", "Ustilug", "Yagotin ","Lutsk", "Novovolinsk", " Vladimir-Volynsky", "Kovel".

Dnipropetrovsk Customs of Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk region customs.

Customs address: 22 Gorkogo Str., Dnipropetrovsk, 49038. Tel.: (056) 373-19-10, 373-19-11. Website:

Customs posts: "Novomoskovsk", "Krivoy Rog Airport", "Nikopol", "Krivorozhstal", "Dneprodzerzhinsk", "Pavlograd", "Dnepropetrovsk Airport", "Dnipropetrovsk Transport", "Dnipropetrovsk-South", "Dnepropetrovsk River Port", "Sukhaya Balka ","Krivbas".

Eastern Customs of Ukraine. Donetsk region customs.

Customs address: 9 Nikolenko Av., Donetsk, 83048. Tel.: (062) 381-84-22, Fax 381-99-03.

Customs posts: "Gorlovka," "Kramatorsk", "Artemivsk", "Donetsk airport", Slavyansk”, "Azovstal", "Sartana", "Mariupol port," "Mariupol Airport", "Uspenka", "Nord", "Donetsk-North", "Harcizsk", "Ilovaysk", "Kostiantynivka", "Yenakiyevo," "Marinovka", "Azov port", "Novoazovsk", "Donetsk Southeast", "Donetsk Specialized", "Sartana".

Zhytomyr Customs of Ukraine. Zhytomyr region and Kyiv region Vilcha town customs.

Customs address: 25 Pobedy Str., Zhytomyr, 10014. Tel.: (0412) 41-89-45, 41-89-50 Website:

Customs posts: "Olevsk", "Ovruch", "Korosten", "Novograd-Volynsky", "Berdichev".

Chop Customs of Ukraine. Transcarpathian region customs.

Customs address: 7 Evropeyskaya Str., Chop, Uzhgorod district, Transcarpathian region, 89500. Tel.: (0312) 71-11-80, 71-13-45.

Customs posts: "Chop Railway", "Tysa", "Luzhanka", "Vylok", "Dyakovo", "Solotvyno", "Vinogradov", "Uzhgorod-Cargo", "Uzhgorod", "Maly Bereznyi", "Pavlovsky", "Batevo", "Mukachevo", "Tyachev".

Zaporizhia Customs of Ukraine. Zaporizhia region customs.

Customs address: 12 Kremlivsky blvd, Zaporizhia, 69015. Tel.: (061) 289-01-33, Fax 224-83-33.

Customs posts: "Zaporizhia Central”, “Zaporizhia Airport”, “Berdyansk”, “Dniprorudnuy”, “Zaporozhstal’”, “Melitopol”, “Pology”.

Ivano-Frankivsk Customs of Ukraine. Ivano-Frankivsk region customs.

Customs address: 159 Chornovola Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 76005. Tel.: (0342) 50-35-30, Fax 77-37-96. Website:

Customs posts: "Ivano-Frankivsk Central”, “Kalush”, “Yamnytsya”, “Dolyna”, “Kolomyia”.

Kyiv Regional Customs of Ukraine. Kyiv region with the exception of the airport "Kiev” (Antonov and Gostomel), Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Vilcha town, with the exception of matters within the purview of specialized customs. Customs address: Airport, Boryspil-7, Kyiv region, 08307. Tel.: (044) 281-75-13, 281-72-16, 281-73-79.

Customs posts: "East Terminal" "Boryspil airport", "Sviatoshyn".

Kirovograd Customs of Ukraine. Kirovograd region customs.

Customs address: 27A Toreza Str., Kirovograd, 25013. Tel.: (0522) 22-59-78, 22-37-47.

Customs posts: "Kirovograd Central", “Gaivoron”, “Oleksandria”.

Lugansk Customs of Ukraine. Lugansk region customs.

Customs address: 34-A Oboronna Str., Lugansk, 91047. Tel.: (0642) 50-03-45, 50-10-87, Fax 50-03-45.

Customs posts: "Lugansk Central", "Dovzhansky", "Krasnopartizansk", "Sverdlovsk", "Krasna Mohyla", "Izvarino", "Krasniy Luch", "Starobelsk", "Severodonetsk", "Lisichansk", "Alchevsk", "Krasna Talivka", "Mylovo", "Pankrativka", "Prosyane", "Demino-Oleksandrivka", "Novobila", "Tanyushivka".

Lviv Customs of Ukraine. Lviv region customs.

Customs address: 1 Kostyshko Str., Lviv, 79000. Tel.: (032) 258-99-79.

Customs posts: “Lviv Airport”, “Drohobych”, “Stryi”, “Brody”, “Mostytska”, “Smilnytsya”, “Sokal”, “Rava-Ruska”.

Mykolaiv Customs of Ukraine. Mykolaiv region customs.

Customs address: 57-A Moskovska Str., Mykolaiv, 54017. Tel.: (0512) 47-45-01, 47-45-00.

Customs posts: “Pershomaisk”, "Mykolaiv-Konstyantynivka" , "Mykolaiv-Varvarivka", “Oktyabrsk”, "Mykolaiv Morskiy", "Dnipro-Bugskiy".

Southern Customs of Ukraine. Odessa region customs.

Customs address: 21-A Gaidara Str., Odessa, 65078. Tel.: (048) 734-28-04, 734-28-05. Customs posts: “Odessa Port”, “Odessa Airport”, “Velykoploskoye”, “Krasni Okny”, “Slobodka”, “Izmail”.

Poltava Customs of Ukraine. Poltava region customs.

Customs address: 28 Proletarska Str., Poltava, 36022. Tel.: (0532) 57-28-30. http://

Customs posts: "Kremenchug", "Ltava".

Rivne Customs of Ukraine. Rivne region customs.

Customs address: 104 Soborna Str., Rivne, 33028. Tel.: (0362) 26-76-92.

Customs posts: "Sarna", "Kostopil", "Dubno", "Gorodysche", "Rivne-Central", "Prykladnyky", "Udritsk".

Sumy Customs of Ukraine. Sumy region customs.

Customs address: 24 Vorovskogo Str., 40020. Tel.: (0542) 24-39-93, Fax 24-72-18.

Customs posts: “Zernove”, “Ryzhovka”, “Volfino”, “Romny”, “Yunakovka”, “Pokrovka”, “Shostka”, “Katerynivka”, “Trostyanets”.

Ternopil Customs of Ukraine. Ternopil region customs.

Customs address: 38 Tekstylna Str., Ternopil, 46008. Tel.: (0352) 43-08-00, Fax 23-50-26.

Customs posts: "Chortkiv," "Zbarazh".

Kharkiv Regional Customs of Ukraine. Kharkiv region customs.

Customs address: 16-B Korolenka Str., Kharkiv, 61003. Tel.: (057) 714-18-26, 731-51-57.

Customs posts: "Kupyansk", "Kharkiv Airport", "Kharkiv Railway", "Goptivka", "Trade", "Pletenevka", "Avtomobilniy".

Kherson Customs of Ukraine. Kherson region customs.

Customs address: 13 Gogolya Str., Kherson, 73000. Tel.: (0552) 49-42-94, 42-00-12 Customs posts: "Kherson port", "Kakhovka", "Skadovsk".

Khmelnitsky Customs of Ukraine. Khmelnitsky region customs.

Customs address: 2 Pilotska Street, Khmelnitsky, 29010. Tel.: (0382) 79-52-48, 65-01-36

Customs posts: “ Kamenetz-Podolsky”, "Slavuta".

Cherkasy Customs of Ukraine. Cherkasy region customs.

Customs address: 76 Dashkevycha Str., Cherkasy, 18036. Tel.: (0472) 32-84-91, 32-84-48.

Customs posts: “Uman’”, “Smila”.

Chernivtsi Regional Customs of Ukraine. Chernivtsi region customs.

Customs address: 248-M, Russkaya Str., Chernivtsi, 58000. Tel.: (0372) 55-38-97.

Customs posts: "Chernivtsi", "Vadul-Siret", "Kelmentsi".

Chernihiv Customs of Ukraine. Chernihiv region, Chernobyl exclusion zone and Slavutych customs.

Customs address: 6 Pobedy Square, Chernihiv, 14017. Tel.: (0462) 62-56-41, Fax 65-17-29.

Customs posts: "Chernigov Railway", "Novi Yarylovychi", "Priluki", "Senkovka", "Khorobichi", "Nikolaevka", "Gremyach", "Energiya", "Gornostaevka", "Nowogorod-Siversky", "Slavutich" "Shchors".

Kyiv Regional Customs of Ukraine. The customs of Kyiv, except for matters within the competence of the Central Energy Customs.

Customs address: 8-A Lepse blvd., Kyiv, 03680. Tel.: (044) 457-96-77, Fax 457-27-66.

Customs posts of Kiev, "Kiev-West", "Kiev-East", "Kiev-Specialised," "Airport Kiev" (Juliani), "Kyiv-Central", "Kiev-Energetic".

* The information is taken from the official website of Customs of Ukraine as of 2014-2015.

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